How to order

How to order

How to order

How to order

We produce the jeans on demand, which means that we produce on order and thus do not build stock. The idea is to get you used to planning your purchase, move to slow fashion, and learn to appreciate the craft. We have the following order process:

  1. We receive your order

  2. We send you an order confirmation

  3. You will receive an email with some questions to confirm your chosen size

  4. When we receive you answers concerning size questions we will start to produce your order

  5. We will deliver in approx. 2-3 weeks from size confirmation

  6. We never produce any stock of jean in advance so it will take an additional 2-3 weeks if you need to exchange a size for a new one   

  7. We have an order limit of 1 size per order/customer

It is of great importance that you study our measurement chart.

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